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At Flow, we take Jumpboard seriously! By training our natural jumping instincts we stay one step ahead of gravity’s hold. Part strength, part stamina, this total body workout at Flow is like no other Jumpboard class you’ve ever taken.

You may have experienced Jumpboard classes as strictly a lower body and abdominal workout. Here at Flow, we balance every class with additional focus on upper body, back strength, and flexibility.

What is Jumpboard?

Jumpboard equipment is a padded board attached to Pilates reformer which enables participants to jump supine against the board and spring resistance of the reformer. Students will perform jumping intervals on the reformer boards, against light and heavy springs interspersed with Pilates strength work for terrific cardio and core effect.

It is a low-impact, high intensity interval workout that delivers a great cardio boost for Pilates students, and ideal strength-training for runners, dancers, and athletes. Choreography is adapted to the level of the class enabling instructors to a provide safe workout challenge to anyone for whom jumping is not contraindicated.

Boost your metabolism, bone density, leg strength, foot strength, core stability, power and jumping technique, and have fun doing it in this totally unique class. (If flying appeals to you, you’ll love this class!) Cindy Reid, Flow Studios Director, has developed a national Jumpboard teacher training program called Jumpboard Dynamics.

Jumpboard options at Flow include private or duet sessions, and small group classes with a maximum of 4 students.

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