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Beyond the variety of exercise options at Flow, we also offer our clients access to best in physical therapy! After years of searching for a PT approach we could embrace, we found a match in Body Gears. Flow is a now a one stop shop for your wellness, rehabilitation, and fitness!

About BODY GEARS Physical Therapy:
The therapists at Body Gears are committed to helping you reach your personal well-being goals, and are experts at finding the root cause of your symptoms. They “connect the dots” of your physical blueprint, taking into account all of your previous injuries, illnesses, and movement issues. In technical terms, they will assess your functional restrictions by identifying your mechanical, neuromuscular and motor control deficits. They then improve your body’s efficiency through soft tissue, visceral, neural and joint mobilization of restricted tissues. Then they retrain those tissues for optimum movement.

Body Gears physical therapists use Functional Manual Therapy based on the work at the Institute of Physical Arts to get results. They don’t exercise a patient’s problem; they fix it. At Body Gears, many patients who have tried PT before at other clinics without success, find the results they are seeking. The Body Gears team treats numerous physicians and PT’s from other clinics, who then in turn refer many of their friends and family members because they know they can count on the Body Gears approach.

For pricing and to schedule an appointment, contact Body Gears directly.

Body Gears Contact Information

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