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Upcoming CoreAlign Teacher Training Programs


CoreAlign Module 1: Foundations

  • Dates: August 11 & 12
  • Time: 9:00am to 6:00pm
  • Location: Flow Studio, 2248 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60614
  • Cost: $525 plus materials ($80)

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We are excited to be the first studio in Chicago to introduce the new CoreAlign® Training System and offer the CoreAlign® Teacher Training Program in partnership with Balanced Body!

Manufactured in partnership with Balanced Body, this equipment provides a missing link in the health and fitness industry and stands out as a perfect addition to any Pilates, physical therapy, or personal training practice. CoreAlign® easily adapts to all levels of fitness allowing for appropriate challenge to rehabilitation patients, elite athletes and everyone in between. It takes mind-body fitness to a whole new level. Most exercises are performed standing, leading to rapid improvement in posture, balance, and functional movement.

For more information about the training program you may contact Flow Studios. To register for the teacher training contact Balanced Body directly.

Flow Contact Information
✉ info@flowchicago.com

☏  (773) 975-7540

Balanced Body Contact Information
✉ education@pilates.com

☏  1 (800) 745-2837

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The CoreAlign® is the single best piece of Pilates studio equipment. It presents movement challenges similar to those found in everyday activities. So, it’s easier to learn positive movement strategies that relate to everyday life and incorporate those new strategies into daily life.


CoreAlign® is a fun, yet challenging way to improve overall movement mechanics from basic walking to advanced athletic endeavors. It truly educates the body while providing, at times, a strenuous workout and it’s a lot of fun!


CoreAlign® combines resistance training and functional upright movement patterns. The variety of exercises and movements that the apparatus affords are unlike those of any other Pilates equipment.


The CoreAlign® device is unparalleled in its ability to provide the user immediate feedback. It’s ideal for retraining gait patterns and mastering a wide range of movements used in everyday life and athletics. I also love that it can be taken to a vigorous cardiovascular pace and still challenge every plane of movement. It kicks the gym’s butt!